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Address: Laivu street 2A, Carnikava, Carnikava parish, Ādaži municipality, LV-2163
(Can also be found in Google Maps as Boards You SUP dēļu noma Carnikavā Cafe Maza upe”; link;
Coordinates: 57.132913, 24.265022;
Working hours: 12.00 – 22.00;
Working period: active season from April to November; remaining time – balance board production;
Contact person: Vents Strautmanis;
Phone: +371 26222212;
E-mail: ;
Social media: Facebook page BoardsYou, Instagram account @boardsyou and YouTube channel Boards You.

Boards You is a company that is friendly to environment and all kinds of people offering best advice because its goal is to create and maintain positive emotions! Boards You has years of experience in SUP board paddling and an extensive background in organizing diverse variety of rowing-related adventures.

Boards You SUP board and kayak rent in Carnikava offers a broad selection of services.
With Boards You, You have the opportunity to enjoy SUP and boat adventures independent of weather conditions or daylight hours, therefore the company offers SUP board and boat rent not only in its rental point in Carnikava, but also takeaway renting. It is possible to get acquainted with renting prices, following this link:
Rent is also available to families with children without age restrictions, as well as to people with disabilities. Visually impaired persons need to be accompanied by an assistant (appropriate equipment is available for two people on the SUP board).
Boards You has approximately over 60 different kinds of SUP boards, which are suited to children, beginners and professionals. Boards You also offers stable and comfortable Roteko Solina kayaks. For parties or for calm family trips Mega SUP boards are available. One such board is able to carry up to 8 people. Boards can be received packed either in bags for more comfortable carrying and transportation or already in an inflated state. One set consists of a SUP board, paddle, safety vest, pump and SUP transportation bag. Prior to handing out equipment, You will receive instructions on use of it, as well as best suggestions for the best and safest holidays on water.
In addition, we offer boating and SUP routes with a possibility to deliver kayaks and SUP boards to the starting position of Your adventure and to receive You at the finish. The company also provides guided routes, which include photographing or videorecording Your adventure.
Furthermore, Boards You offers organizing corporate events, as well as teambuilding activities for private and business customers.

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