Lake Ummis

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From 1999 lake stands in barring teritorija and  is protected. The nature reserve occupies 46ha in general, and in particular are known to occur as a rare coastal habitats, coastal dunes, the old boreal forests and many other natural resources.
In lake Ummis is clear water and it attracts people, because of its temperature; however the swimming season is from 15th of August till 15th of June. Near lake Ummis is great landscape and also home to a very special plant like Lake nut (Trapa natans L.) and other family aquatic plants. Lake Ummis is important for biodiversity.
As this lake is so sensitive, and specific not only for local but also international level, it must be protected. Of course, Lake nut not only is protected habitant in lake Ummis. The most friendly type of activity is hiking and walking, which is great opportunity how to enjoy landscape. 
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