Lamprey tasting/ shop "Krupis" (+371 26423383)

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Name: „Krupis”
Address: Carnikava, Zvejnieku Street 22
GPS: 57.131849, 24.271138
Phone: +371 26423383
Description: Lamprey preparation and tasting. 
Description: offers lamprey preparation watching and tasting. Guests are opportunity to look all three preparation methods: lamprey in jelly, grilled lamprey and lamprey sushi. Company invites individual and group guests. In territoryis opportunity to stoke the bonfire site and look at the proposed lamprey photo exhibition, as well as the company frog collection. Please informe owners 2 days prior by phone: 26423383, before coming to visit. Information ir given in  Latvian (LV), English (EN) or Russian (RU). Attendance at any day of the week.
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